Red Wine Blends You’ll Love


GSM: GSM is for the sophisticatedly-curious. Upon first taste, this medium-bodied wine leaves the palate with a blended synergy of rich flavors like blackberry, dark cherry, and plum with a hint of spice. Enjoy this hearty blend with savory meats like pork or lamb complemented with blends of herbs and peppery spices.

Paulo Blend:This classic wine is a full-bodied blend and has nostalgic aromas of dried roses and cedar are followed by dark fruit flavors of sugar plum and black cherry. The tannin structure of this blend makes for an ideal wine to serve with red meats and pasta.

Reflections of Love: Dark berries and plum reveal themselves in succulent beauty alongside bold earthiness and rich leather tannins. Perfect balance is achieved with vanilla and spice from prolonged oak barrel aging. This wine is the perfect addition next to beef, lamb, game meats, and aged cheeses.