Red Wines You’ll Fall For…


Autumn leaves and red wine please! Cool weather has officially¬†arrived in Texas and you know what that means? Yep, it’s time to cozy up with a glass of delicious red wine. Here’s what we are falling for this season…

Primitivo, Artist Series
Messina Hof’s Primitivo is a full-bodied red wine with jammy dark fruit flavors that pirouette on the palate. Barrel aging in oak bring out rustic cedar aromas with hints of espresso.

Private Reserve Reflections of Love
Dark berries and plum reveal themselves in succulent beauty alongside bold earthiness and rich leather tannins. Perfect balance is achieved with vanilla and spice from prolonged oak barrel aging.

Sagrantino Reserva
Our Sagrantino Reserva is a dark red wine with intense tannins and rich, jammy fruit flavors. Oak aging adds hints of vanilla and cinnamon with earthy undertones.