Should you cook meats soaking in wine or pour wine over while cooking?


Both are acceptable cooking techniques. If you marinate the meat in wine and then sear it and bake it, the wine will caramelize and give the meat a sweet finish. If you bake the meat soaking in wine, the meat will boil or steam in the liquid. If you roast the meat and add the wine as a baste at the end of the baking time, then the meat will absorb the flavor of the wine.

We have a customer who loves port and even drinks the port with his steak. He marinates the steak in the port, sears it, caramelizing the port on the steak, and then serves it with caramelized onions and blue cheese. The flavors are so strong that the port is perfect pairing.  

The roasted meat with the wine added at the end of the process has a fresher flavor of the wine and provides a nice flavor bridge to the wine. Always use the same wine that you will be drinking at the table as the basting wine you use in the meat.