Special Events on the Cruise


During the Cruise we hosted 3 special events for our attendees. 

Red Beret/Red Hat Event, Most Outrageous Outfit Event, and Favorite Wine T-shirt Event. 

During the Red Beret/Red Hat event, the red berets looked like a chorus line and Mama Rosa stole the show with her feathered cloche. 

The Most Outrageous Outfit Event was over the top! 

So many went all out to create truly outrageous costumes. 

The goal was to outdo Paul Bonarrigo. 

The group met at one end of the ship and paraded in costume down the promenade and up the elevator to High Notes for the official best costume competition.

Barb and Joe Szumanski  won first place as the 1970’s Pimp Daddy and Sugar Babe. 

Barb and Joe out did themselves and Paul Bonarrigo!  (Though Joe’s outfit was one I do believe that Paul would wear today and I probably would have worn Barb’s outfit in the 70’s.) 

When Paul asked Joe for the time, Joe reached for his pocket watch chain. 

He pulled and pulled and pulled and finally after 10 feet of chain was draped in Paul’s hand, out came a tiny pocket watch. 

 Joe really got into his character, Barb was the most sparkling with silver tensil hair and eyelashes!  Her orange fishnet hose completed the look. 

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