Summer Fruit and Wine Pairings!


With the first day of summer just around the corner (June 20th!), Texas residents have undoubtedly started to feel rising temperatures. And what better way to cool off and enjoy the long, sunlit days of summer than with refreshing pairings of chilled wine and seasonal fruit?

We recommend starting off with a cool glass of our Texas Rosè Sparkling – a dry and refreshing rose-colored sparkling wine. It has a hint of sweetness and explodes with flavors of fresh strawberry, pomegranate, and cranberry layered with notes of bright citrus and a crisp yet delicate finish.  This wine pairs beautifully with ripe, juicy peaches, nectarines, and cool melons for an exciting, flavorful experience that won’t overwhelm the palate.

Up next, Messina Hof’s limited release Lepard Vineyard Chenin Blanc offers a revitalizing flavor after a hot summer’s day. This semi-sweet white wine is lauded for its fruit-forward flavors of citrus blossom, chamomile, and honey. Best served chilled, the wine couples effortlessly with crisp apples, juicy pears, and tangy mandarin oranges to transform any location into a relaxing, exotic getaway.

Finally, we recommend a hearty glass of Beau – an exquisite summer beverage that is perfect for wine drinkers who enjoy a touch of sweetness. This light red wine, best served slightly chilled, is a great choice for outdoor dining and relaxing evenings. The aroma of wildflowers and unmistakable flavors of rich blackberry jam and freshly picked pears is well balanced with boldness and weight. This summer staple is best enjoyed with fresh figs, ripe pomegranate, luscious cherries, tangy oranges, and juicy Fredericksburg peaches grown in the fertile Hill Country.

Try these out for yourself and don’t be afraid to experiment with other combinations of fruit and wine! For a full list of available wines and purchasing options, click here. Cheers!