Super Bowl Party Tips to Up Your Wine Game



Offer a variety of wines.
 Most likely your party will have wine drinkers of all backgrounds, so have a white, red and rosé ready to be served. (Tip: In a recent study done by Wine Business, most participants picked Chardonnay as their favorite followed by Merlot.)
Have a headcount. Know how many people are coming so that you can have the proper amount of wine. A bottle of wine has approximately 5 glasses of wine. Have enough wine available for each guest to consume 2 to 3 glasses.
Pair your snacks and wine wisely. Do your research when pairing your super bowl snacks with your wines. Check out this interactive pairing guide via Vine Pair. 
Provide proper stemware. To enjoy the best of your wine, drink from a wine glass. Wine glasses are designed to help release aromas adding to your overall tasting experience.