Sweet Sips for Your Sweetheart


The colors of Valentine’s Day are red, pink, and white – everything from flowers to decorations is a variation of these three hues. So why should your wine be any different?

This Valentine’s day, bring these shades to the dinner table with these suggested sweet sips for your sweetheart! The red is our Beau: Tribute to Beauty, the pink is Mama Rosa Rosé, and the white is our Sparkling Almond.

Beau is great for Valentine’s Day meals, not only because of its romantic name. Beau is full of flavors, from rich blackberry jam to freshly picked pears. It is the perfect wine for drinkers who enjoy a touch of sweetness and is an excellent choice for outdoor dining and relaxing evenings.

Mama Rosa Rosé is versatile with hints of strawberry and raspberry. This semi-sweet blend matches the heat of spicy dishes, pastas, and seafood for your special holiday dinner. Serve it chilled to keep cool on your hot date!

Lastly, our Sparkling Almond is a sparkling wine with a delicate almond flavor layered over impressions of green apple and toasted Jordan almonds. It pairs well with seafood or textured desserts, offering a sweet way to end the night.

If you’re not into something sweet, check out our wide selection of reds featuring popular varietals like Cabernet Sauvignon to our award-winning Sagrantino!