Sweet Summer Nights with Messina Hof Wine


Summer is officially here! The days are getting longer and hotter- nothing feels more refreshing than sitting outside with a glass of satisfying sweet wine
Each winemaker has their own style when it comes to making wine, including the best ways to make it sweet. There is an array of different methods and techniques used to create the perfect sweetness in a dessert wine. Some wineries stop fermentation early, leaving some remaining sugar. These wines are then topped off with sweet grape juice or additional sugar to create an even sweeter flavor.
A more extensive and expensive method to use is to apply Botrytis cinerea or ‘Noble rot’ to grapevines, which is a fungus that attacks grapes, leaving the grapes shriveled and unsightly, but tasting deliciously sweet and rich. Some wineries dry out the grapes until they become raisins, in order to make sweet wine. A more uncommon technique is freezing the grapes, or harvesting them in winter when they are frozen. This natural method works well because when the grapes are crushed the water content is dispelled as ice leaving a thick lusciously sweet wine.

Our Ebony Port of Call is a solera blend of the last three vintages, and is grown on our Estate Vineyard at Messina Hof Bryan. This dessert wine has wonderful chocolate covered cherry flavors. Messina Hof’s legendary Private Reserve Papa Paulo Port wins Gold Medals worldwide. It is grown on our estate vineyard and was named one of the world’s finest ports by Gayot. Double-barrel aged, this is a smooth, rich chocolate and cherry delight served with dessert or by itself. Messina Hof also has our Tawny Port. Hints of almond and cherry compliment the new oak vanilla flavors, and the beautiful tawny color glows perfectly in the candlelight of a romantic dinner.   Whether accompanying a piece of tiramisu or merely by itself, Messina Hof agrees that a sweet wine is the best way to end an evening this summer.
Messina Hof is known for making exquisite award-winning dessert wines! All of Messina Hof Ports are grown on our Estate Vineyard at Messina Hof in Bryan, TX. Come by Messina Hof Winery & Resort and try a glass of Ebony Port of Call or any other Messina Hof dessert wine as you sit back, relax, and admire the stunning view of the vineyard.