Texas’ Newest Approach to Wine Tastings


WINE WALK by Ron Saikowski

Most people enjoy tasting wines and trying to decipher the nuances of wines. However, there are some people who are hesitant to go to such events because they feel that they might be judged by others attending. Well, this hurdle has just been overcome with wine tasting over the internet by one of Texas’ icons, Paul Bonarrigo of Messina Hof Winery in Bryan. Instead of driving out to Bryan and being in a group of “unknown lovers of wine,” Paul Bonarrigo is doing wine tastings over the internet, including his interpretation on how to taste wines. A new series of virtual wine tasting classes are being broadcasted from Messina Hof Winery via “Ustream”. The first class was on Sunday, August 22, 2010 at 4:30 PM and new wine classes will continue on each third Sunday of the month. The “Ustream” software is freely downloadable, and can be found at . Messina Hof’s “Ustream” username is “messinahof.”  The first hour-long virtual tasting included the following Messina Hof wines which are available at HEB, Kroger’s, and SPEC’S:

•        Merrill’s Vineyard Riesling 2006
•        Barrel Reserve Cabernet Franc 2007
•        Angel Late Harvest Riesling 2009
•        Private Reserve Shiraz 2006
“We wanted a more exciting and effective tool to provide at our tastings. It’s certainly a different presence. We can speak to them in real-time, and reach audiences that can’t necessarily reach us in Bryan,” said Paul Bonarrigo, co-founder of Messina Hof Winery & Resort in Bryan, Texas.

Click here to learn more about the Messina Hof Wine Network.