Thanksgiving came early to Messina Hof this year


This last weekend was the Grand Opening of Messina Hof Hill Country. Guests from all over the state and media from across the nation came to participate. The entire Bonarrigo family was on hand to celebrate the fulfillment of another dream. Not just Paul V and me, Paul M, Karen, and Sophia Marie, and Mama Rosa; but the VIP family in their red hats made the day complete. Praise the Lord!

We are blessed to have a leader and visionary in Paul V. who sees what can be and is willing to do what it takes to make it happen. When I asked Paul V what his feelings about the new winery were, he said. “The biggest blessing of the Father is when the son greatly exceeds the expectations of the Father and we are so proud of the leadership and mentorship that Paul M. and Karen are now giving to our family and winery. A bright star is shining that will propel Messina Hof to greater heights in the future.” It truly is all about family.

I might add that the real hits of the weekend were Mama Rosa and Sophia Marie. Everyone loved having them there. We are thankful for our Bryan staff that came to help, the open arms we found in Fredericksburg and the excitement of everyone that we are now there. Please do plan to visit us soon. Cheers Merrill