Thanksgiving Wine Parings


Thanksgiving is a time where friends and family gather to give thanks, it can also be a stressful endeavor. Having “slaved” in the kitchen for hours to prepare the family feast, Messina Hof has created a list of wines to add the perfect complimentary beverage to your culinary masterpiece.

1. Sophia Marie Rose-As seen on, the Sophia Marie Rose was ranked among the top ten wines in the country for this Thanksgiving. It pairs well with baked or blackened turkey along with garlic or chipotle sauces and jalapeno cornbread.

2. Un-oaked Chardonnay– This wine has developed a clean, crisp, aromatic flavor and is wonderfully balanced with fried, baked, or roasted turkey along with rich, buttery sauces and bread stuffing.

3. Cabernet Sauvignon– One of our favorite dry red wines, the Cabernet Sauvignon is great for smoked or grilled turkey along with mushroom sauces and wild rice.

4. Solera Sherry– Our Solera Sherry is a sweet wine that is perfect for the blackened or salt cured turkey lovers, pairing well with spicy BBQ sauces and sweet potatoes.

Although there are many other Messina Hof wines that would be a great addition to your Thanksgiving Day menu, this is just to help you make this Thanksgiving the best yet!

Click here for a detailed chart of Thanksgiving wine pairings!