The Best Night’s Sleep Anywhere!


This last weekend Paul and I had a wonderful vintner’s dinner at The Mark at Shilo Inn in Killeen. William Browning and Chef LeFever prepared a delicious well paired menu. It was great to see our red hatters in the front row.

Also in attendance was Leah McGee who started her wine career at Messina Hof and has since worked in the California wine industry and is now back in Killeen with her own insurance company – Leah McGee State Farm. It is always wonderful to see our Messina Hof family. 

From Killeen we traveled the back roads to Fredericksburg. When we travel, we always take a different route through the country to see the beauty of Texas. One of our favorite approaches is from the north down Jung Lane. The pastures are still carpeted with purple, yellow, & red wildflowers in June. As we approached the winery, the Lenoir vineyard looked great. It was planted in the winter of 2012 and is already trying to produce fruit. It is planted 3×3, head trained and already to the top of the head and branching.

Peace, tranquility, country, nature, luxury, fabulous beds provide the best night’s sleep anywhere! I look forward to each visit because I know it will be wonderful. It is quiet, peaceful, dark, roomy, private, and restful. I have traveled to many places and stayed in many hotels, resorts, and B&Bs. Never have I consistently experienced such great sleep. Plus, it is just a short walk to the tasting room with great people, with wonderful wines, and with fun events like the Wine and Ice Cream Sunday that we enjoyed last weekend. 

Paul and I love to have our Sparkling Brut and mimosas on the back patio in the mornings. It is so quiet with no road noise and you can observe the Hill Country wildlife. See what I mean by watching this video, just click here.