The Best Wines for BBQ


Get fired up, because it’s BBQ season! But when it comes to wines, which one should you bring to the party? Here are our top picks…

Beau (or as we like to call it, Beau-B-Q) is a versatile blend featuring beautiful summer flavors of fresh floral and fruit. Not only is this wine pleasing to a spectrum of wine drinkers it’s also food-friendly and can withstand even the most spicy BBQ foods! 

Sparkling wines from our Texas Spumante to Sparkling Rosé pair well with BBQ due to its ability to cleanse the palate. Just like Beau, a glass of bubbly can also beat the heat of spicy foods.

If you’re having brisket or steak, bring a bottle of Tempranillo. This medium-bodied, dry red has wonderful acidity with bold cherry and plum flavors overlaid with earth, leather and smoke tones.   

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