The Perfect Personalized Gift


At Messina Hof, we love storytelling and the beauty of sharing our experiences with others. We wanted a way to join our winemaking story with your unique story, thus we created our Personalized Label services. With personalized labels, we will help you create one-of a kind gifts and keepsakes that feature unique labels made just how you request. Email to get a custom design started today, or learn more about what our personalized label service entails below.

Long-lasting memories can be in the palm of your hand. Your memories are special! Commemorate with a custom keepsake.

Anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, holidays… each year is full of special occasions, and giving so many thoughtful gifts can easily become overwhelming. We make your life simpler by insuring that your gifts are thoughtful and unique, and that you aren’t just satisfied, but in love with your labels! (Not to brag, but our custom bottles have caused waterworks in the past)

Buy one case of bottles and get a 10% discount on your wine! Buy more than one case and receive a 15% discount! This is a great opportunity to show thoughtfulness at bigger events such as reunions, weddings, office parties, and galas. For more details on pricing, click here!

Easy customizing. Our label designer does all the hard work, and all you must do is provide photos, your message, and any inspiration you have. We create the designs, print the labels, and label the bottles. Just sit back, relax, and drink the wine when we’re done!

Lightning fast! Once we begin designing, we can have your bottles ready for pick-up within a few weeks! Peak seasons such as the holidays may affect turnaround time. Click here to learn more!

Save your customized bottle! Wine bottles can become adorable keepsakes with the addition of lights or ribbons. Create an eye-catching piece today!

Have any questions? Email or click the button below!