The Tradition of Harvest Festival


Messina Hof lives by three cornerstones: family, tradition, and romance – one of its longest standing traditions is the Harvest Festival which encompasses it all.

Harvest 1983

The Festival is annual old-world tradition that allows guests an inside look at the wine making culture that has been a tradition at Messina Hof for over 40 years. Messina Hof invites the community and visitors to join the Messina Hof Family at our Estate while we celebrate Harvest! It does not matter who comes through our gates, we welcome everyone to take part in the tradition. Guests will have the chance to better understand the process of wine making and enjoy the lively festival with grape stomping, tours, wine tastings and pairings!

Harvest 1997

The tradition of Harvest Festival dates to Messina, Sicily where members of the entire community help harvest grapes to provide the communities’ winemaker, the Bonarrigos, with enough grapes. Once the wine was made, the winemaker would celebrate with the community, family and friends, similarly as it is here!

Harvest 2002

The romance aspect of the Festival comes from the passion and love that goes into the hand harvesting of grapes and the love and patience it takes to make the wine itself. Each step that goes into the process is very meticulous and requires love, making one of Messina Hof’s cornerstones romance!

Harvest 2011

Come ‘Join the Family’ by immersing yourself in one of Messina Hof’s most intimate, educational, and commemorative times of the year! Buy tickets for our Bryan and Fredericksburg’s annual Harvest Festival! The Messina Hof family is looking forward to seeing you!

Harvest 2017