Think Pink! Five Fast Facts on Rosé!


Hooray! National Rosé Day is Saturday, June 9th and it’s time to toss on a pair of rosé tinted glasses and pour up a glass! Here are some fun-fast-facts on all things rosé!

1. There are 3 primary ways to make rosé wine – maceration method, saignée or “bled” method, and blending method. Maceration method is the most popular.

Maceration: The process of allowing grape juice and skins to ferment together, thereby imparting color, tannins and aromas. (via Wine Enthusiast)

2. Mix it up! Rosé is wonderful to use as base in your favorite, hand-crafted cocktails. You can even dress up your glass by adding the perfect go-to-garnish! Ripe strawberries, nectarine peel, or raspberries add that pop of flavor you didn’t know you needed.

3. Rosé wines are best enjoyed in the moment and typically a rosé wine is aged only up to 2-3 years. So once you find your favorite rosé, feel free to sip on it right away!

4. Dine and drink! Rosé is a complimentary wine to have with your favorite meals all year round. Pairing wonderfully with spicy cuisine, sushi, cheese, and even pizza! Rosé can be enjoyed everywhere from dinner parties to picnics.

5. Bring on the bubbly rosé! Rosé isn’t just a still wine, it’s also a sparkling! A glass of sparkling rosé is the perfect way to give a celebratory toast or have with dessert!