‘Tis the Season for Stocking Stuffers


The holiday season is upon us, and as the excitement builds, so does the anticipation of finding the perfect stocking stuffers. We understand the hustle and bustle of last-minute shopping, especially regarding those final items for Christmas stockings. Fear not, as Messina Hof Winery has created a delightful list to make your holiday shopping a breeze. Let’s dive into the ultimate fun-sized gifts that will bring joy to the wine lover in your life – and maybe a little something for yourself, too!  

Messina Hof Gift Cards

Get into the spirit of giving with our Messina Hof Gift Cards. Gift the power of choice to your loved ones, enabling them to explore the vast collection of wines, unique events, and culinary experiences. Plus, for every $100 gift card purchase, you receive an extra special bonus – a $10 Voucher to join the holiday cheer. Whether seasoned enthusiasts or curious beginners, a Messina Hof Gift Card is the perfect stocking stuffer, combining flexibility with an extra dash of festive generosity.  

Champagne Stopper 

Celebrate the festive season in style with our Champagne Stopper. This elegant accessory ensures that every bottle of bubbly stays fresh and effervescent, allowing you to savor the joyous moments sip by sip. It’s the perfect addition to any holiday gathering and a thoughtful stocking stuffer for those who appreciate the finer things in life.  

Messina Hof Knit Scarf and Beanie

Warmth meets style with our Messina Hof Knit Scarf and Beanie. As the temperatures drop, gift the wine lover in your life a cozy and fashionable accessory to accompany their winter wine adventures. Whether they are exploring vineyards or simply enjoying a glass by the fireplace, this stocking stuffer is a nod to comfort and style.  

Wine Saver Set

Preserve the flavor of your favorite wines with our Wine Saver Set. Whether you choose the standard set or the extra four wine savers, this stocking stuffer is a must-have for any wine enthusiast. Extend the life of your opened bottles and indulge in the award-winning taste of Messina Hof wines at your place.  

Waiter’s Corkscrew

 For those who appreciate the art of uncorking, the Waiter’s Corkscrew from Messina Hof is a perfect gift. Elevate your wine-opening experience and gift the wine lover a tool to open every bottle like a pro.  

Wine Club Membership

 For the ultimate wine enthusiast, a Messina Hof Wine Club Membership is a gift that keeps giving. With exclusive access to curated selections and special events, this stocking stuffer is a passport to a world of wine enjoyment with Messina Hof’s award-winning wines. 

Messina Hof’s Journal

 Serious about wine? The Messina Hof Journal is a must-have. This recording tool is perfect for keeping track of your wine experiences, from tasting notes to to-do lists. It’s a sophisticated accessory that separates the enthusiasts from the experts.  

Messina Hof Wine Bottle Dog Toy & Bandana

 Even furry friends can join in the holiday cheer with Messina Hof’s Wine Bottle Dog Toys and Bandana. Barking Wine Plush Toy after our Sparkling trio, Puppy Paulo Port Plush Toy after our Papa Paulo Port, and a Messina Hof Bandana. A playful and adorable stocking stuffer that combines the love for wine and the joy of pet companionship. Now available for purchase online and in tasting rooms!