Top 5 Thanksgiving Wines


Put a cork in holiday stress! When it comes to choosing wine, you really can’t mess up. Do some wines pair better with Thanksgiving dishes than others? Of course. Will your kitchen implode, and a Thanksgiving fiasco occur if you sip on a Rosé instead of a Riesling? No, (but that would sure make for a great story)!

There are countless Thanksgiving wine pairing tips available, but frankly, wine is such a personal choice! Each one of our palettes is unique, and only you can decide what will taste best with your Thanksgiving menu.

In honor of Thanksgiving, we have examined our favorite pairings and compiled a list to inspire you. Dress the table, grab all the fixings, and try one (or several) of our top five favorite Thanksgiving wines.

The Bubbly
Ease into your Thanksgiving celebration with a light and bubbly Texas Sparkling Moscato or Sparkling Rosé. Bubbles excite guests, build anticipation for the flavors ahead, and are a wonderful, versatile pairing option.

Pinot Noir
It’s a Thanksgiving classic. Pinot Noir is not too heavy and not too light, allowing it to befriend any delicious bite your table has to offer.

Dry Riesling
We love how this wine’s refreshing, crisp flavor and delicate acidity can cut through even the heaviest of Thanksgiving dishes like gravy or cheesy casseroles.

Surprise! We are releasing a new vintage of Sangiovese next week, just in time for Thanksgiving! CEO and Winemaker, Paul Mitchell Bonarrigo loves pairing this wine with turkey and Thanksgiving dressing. Yum!

Paulo Port
We conclude our lavish day of feasting with a slice of pie and a glass of rich and decadent Paulo Port dessert wine. Hints of sweet, dark berries and anise dazzle our taste buds and leave us feeling blessed.

Raise your glass to Winesgiving!