Try Something New This Holiday Season


During the Holidays, most people will either host or attend at least one party.  If you’re like us, sometimes it seems like all of the parties are serving the same foods.

You can change that.

Some people are surprised to find that Messina Hof offers a wide selection of gourmet food products.
Blush Jalapeno Jelly

Love Pepper Jelly Cream Cheese Dip?  Check out these products for a twist on the classic:

Blush Jalapeno Jelly:
Our award-winning Blush Wine adds sweet hints of ripe raspberries to the spicy jalapeno peppers.

Wine Pairing Suggestions: White Zinfandel, Mama Rosa Rose, Gewurztraminer, Sweet Sangria, Gewurztraminer Raspberry Chipotle SauceBeau

Gewurztraminer Raspberry Chipotle Sauce:
When you combine our award-winning Gewurztraminer with the fruity tartness of raspberries and the spiciness of chipotles, you create a sauce with remarkable versatility. Spicy sweet, yet tart.

Wine Pairing Suggestions: Private Reserve Tex-Zin, Raspberry Sparkling Wine, Gewurztraminer, Paulo Shiraz, Private Reserve Shiraz

Port Wine Chocolate Fudge

Chocolate is always a holiday favorite!
Try our Port Wine Chocolate Fudge.  Rich, thick, and perfect over ice cream, this is the sauce we serve in our Vintage House Restaurant. It’s a pure reduction of chocolate and our famous Papa Paulo Port, so it tastes like chocolate covered cherries, only better.

Wine Pairing Suggestions: Ivory Ports of Call, Almond Sparkling Wine, Gewurztraminer, Private Reserve Port, Paulo Port, Ebony Ports of Call

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