Christmas wreath on wooden table

Uncork Christmas Dinner


We’re feeling festive, fine, and looking forward to drinking Christmas wine! Although mashed potatoes, green beans, and buttered rolls are great, this week we are focusing on the main parts of your plate. Whether you’ll be enjoying lamb, turkey, ham, chicken, pasta, or roast beef, we know the perfect way for wine to come in to play. Uncork the holidays and learn which festive flavors will make your Christmas dinner merry and bright!

Honey Ham, Chicken, and Turkey
Raise a glass to semi-sweet white wine. The acidity and light flavors in Riesling, Gewürztraminer, Moscato, and Chenin Blanc will highlight the characteristics of juicy pork and tender poultry dishes.

Lamb and Seafood
Try a medium-bodied white wine or rosé. Versatile and refreshing Chardonnay, Private Reserve Viognier, Sophia Marie Rosé, and Sparkling Rosé will balance the delicate flavors in these light entrées.

Roast Beef and Pasta
You can’t go wrong if you choose a red. Bold and dry Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sagrantino, and Primitivo complement heavy, powerful tomato-based pasta dishes and hearty proteins.

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Stay tuned next week for a sweet treat! Learn the perfect pairings for juicy berry pies and creamy desserts.