Valentine’s Day Wine and Chocolate Pairings


Are you ready for a Valentine’s day treat? Whether you’re enjoying date night or spending time with your friends, enjoying the delicious combination of wine and chocolate is the perfect way to spend the evening!

Here’s our favorite wine and chocolate pairings…

White Chocolate: Texas Sparkling Moscato and Ebony Ports of Call
Milk Chocolate: Sparkling Rosé and Lepard Vineyard Chenin Blanc
Dark Chocolate: Sagrantino and Papa Paulo Port
Chocolate with Dried Fruits: Sophia Marie Rosé and Sangiovese
Chocolate with Nuts: Sparkling Almond and Tawny Port
Chocolate with Spice: Gewürztraminer and Tempranillo
Chocolate with Coconut: Pinot Grigio and Beau (Try the Beau in a can!)

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