Vineyard Update!


grape 2 (Fruit Set at Messina Hof Bryan on April 28, 2016)

It’s hard to believe that bud break (the beginning of the Lenoir grape’s growth cycle) was only 2 months ago! After bud break at the beginning of March, the vines began to flower with fruit set happening quickly after.

grape cluster (Fruit Set at Messina Hof Bryan on May 3, 2016)

During the fruit set stage, the fertilized flowers begin developing into berries while unfertilized flowers will fall off. This stage of growth is critical because it determines the potential crop yield – meaning the grape or wine that is produced per unit surface of the vineyard.

vineyard 1 (Messina Hof Bryan Vineyard on April 28, 2016)

It will be Harvest Festival before you know it so don’t miss this beautiful part of the vineyard’s life!