Warm Up with Mulled Wine


Fall mornings are crisp and the nights are getting cooler as we get ready to move through October and into November.  October is a great time of year to find or create a mulled wine that suits your taste and keep it on hand throughout the coming winter months.  Mulled wine is most commonly a red wine combined with spices and served warm.  The spices almost always include cinnamon and cloves, but many variations of mulled wine may include honey, cardamom, ginger, nutmeg, or brown sugar.  Many who make mulled wine at home on the stove have used a white wine as well as apple cider to mix up the flavors; the combinations are endless!  An important tip to be aware of when making mulled wine at home is to never allow the wine to boil—this will make the taste of the spices bitter rather than sweet and well-rounded.  Messina Hof is pleased to be able to guide your tastes throughout the fall season with our own mulled wine products in the retail store!  We invite you to visit for ideas on holiday gifts and mulled wine products throughout the month!