What is a Barrel Tasting?


A Barrel Tasting is a chance to experience wines at an early stage in the oak barrel aging process. This is a time to learn about more flavors that can be rich and dominant throughout the aging process; surprisingly, they may not only be oak! Winemakers use a tool called a thief to siphon the wine straight out of the barrels and into a glass. At a Barrel Tasting, the guests will be able to learn how to use the thief tool themselves to capture the most raw and fresh wine from the barrel. The winemaker uses the same techniques as the tasters do while at a Barrel Tasting to experience the wine right out of the barrel at many points throughout the development of the wine. This ensures that the winemaker will be able to taste exactly what they wish in the wine, and then decide when to bottle it. A Barrel Tasting is a sneak peak into the flavors of the future wines and how the wines have developed so far. Not only do guests have the opportunity to taste the wine, but there is time to learn about the impact of oak barrels on the aging of wines they taste. The Winemaker will be present at the Barrel Tasting for guests to pick his brain about the many flavors they experience, and find out if their own tastes match up with the expert’s.