What to Eat After Stuffing Yourself at Christmas


What do you eat on the day after Christmas when you have stuffed with annual traditions? Today we had a vegetable plate for lunch which was perfect and light. Then for dinner we had a light antipasto of German smoked ham, Asiago cheese, Fat Free cheddar, goat cheese rolled in an orange/cranberry marmalade mix, olive, marinated artichoke hearts, fresh banana peppers, pears, apples, and country crackers. It was a perfect finish to the day. These were the perfect combinations for me. The 2008 Bodegas Carrau Sauvignon Blanc Sur Lie from Uruguay was perfect with a cracker topped with the smoked German ham, and a slice of hte orange/cranberry goat cheese. The Fat Free Cheddar Cheese and apple was best with the Messina Hof Riesling. Paul created a blend of Austrian Gruener Vetliner and Moldavian Muscat to his liking which created a very flavorful wine. (winemakers constantly blend wines in order to create the best of multiple worlds.) He enjoyed this blend most with the stronger flavored Asiago Cheese.

The most fun of wine pairing is to find those combinations that make the wine sing. It is true that you can enjoy any wine with any food, but not every combination makes the wine sing. Antipasto plates give a fun palate of different flavors and textures with which to create many combinations to try with different wines.