What Type Of Wine Glass Should I Use?


The type of wine glass selected when drinking wine can make a difference in the wine-drinking experience. Given the signficant role of olfactory perception–the sense of smell, the wine glass has adapted to aid the user in extracting qualities of the wine that the tongue might have otherwise missed.
Wine Glasses
The taper on the rim of a wine glass, for example, aids in a more subtle delivery to the palate, as opposed to rushing across the tongue. When pairing a wine with an actual glass, one would also consider the type of wine intended for use. For full and complex red wines, it is best to have a glass that features a wide and spacious bowl that narrows at the rim. The larger bowl will help aerate the wine and bring out all of the flavors and aromas. Messina Hof recommends tasting the difference our 27 oz. Shiraz Glass makes with our premium Paulo Shiraz wine. For red wine lovers that are looking for a sturdier glass to use often, we also have a Stemless Wine Glass. Our stemless glass is easy to clean and harder to break. Also, the stemless feature allows the wine to slightly increase its temperature from the heat of the fingertips, which could be appropriate for a nice, red wine.

Unlike red wines, white wines usually reach their prime only a few years after the fermentation is complete. For white wine drinking, one would still want the glass to taper at the rim however you do not need as large of a bowl. White wines are typically less complex and the oxidation process prior to sipping is not as important. Messina Hof’s 19.5 oz. Wine Glass goes perfectly with white wines, like our Private Reserve Gerwurztraminer.

Whatever type of wine you prefer, we hope that you are able to choose the best glass for your drink. Be sure to stop by the Messina Hof Retail Shop or our online shop to choose your perfect wine and glass!