When would you use a White Port versus a Dark Port?


Ports are great desserts by themselves. However, if you are pairing the ports with foods, keep the food light like milk, chocolate, or fruit desserts with light ports. Dark ports can handle big flavors like dark chocolate.

There are four different kinds of Port: Ruby, Tawny, Vintage, and White. Ruby Ports, so named for their distinct ruby color, pair well with Blue cheese, milk chocolate, and berry-based desserts. A Tawny Port is lighter in both body and color when compared to the Ruby Port and is slightly sweeter. A Tawny Port pairs well with aged cheddar cheese, apple desserts, and chocolate. A Vintage Port is made of blended grapes, which are all from the same vintage year.

Foods to pair with a Vintage Port are Blue and Stilton cheese, almonds and walnuts, and chocolate-based desserts. White Port (Messina Hof’s Ivory Port) is typically fruitier on the palate and fuller-bodied than other white wines. White Port pairs well with cheeses, olives, nuts, and seafood.

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