Wine and Chocolate


Do you love wine and chocolate?  If so, this is for you!  Messina Hof’s Wine and Chocolate night is my weekly weakness (or weekly WOW as I see it).  Each week is a new experience and a surprise joyfully anticipated. Whenever I get a chance I arrive early to help choose the wines that will be the perfect match forWine & Chocolate that day’s chocolates.  Each chocolate is tasted with several wines to select the right wines for the chocolate.

This day was a special treat.  I had the Messina Hof Angel Late Harvest Riesling with Gran Saman Truffle, a dark earthy chocolate supposedly named for the protecting umbrella type trees that are companions to the cacao trees.  The angelic Angel wine with this dark chocolate made the Angel wine sing with a burst of ripe white peaches.  WOW!

Another treat took me back to memories of our travels to Europe where Nutella was served on every breakfast buffet.  I fell in love with this creamy hazelnut and chocolate delicacy that claims to have been created in 1940’s in Piedmont, Italy.  To my delight the second chocolate was Nutella Fudge with Himalayan pink sea salt (yes, pink).  It felt like I was eating velvety rich hazelnut chocolate pate’.  Paired with the Paulo Cabernet Franc 2012, the creamy Nutella and hint of salt highlighted the softness of the wine and enhanced the nuttiness in the chocolate.

The third wine served was the Papa Paulo Port Private Reserve which was beautiful with both chocolates.  Join us on Wednesdays at the Winebar at Messina Hof for your own wine and chocolate adventures.  This makes for a great girls night out or mid week date.