Wine and Tailgating, a wonderful duo!


As football season kicks off this year, Messina Hof would like to encourage a change in your tailgating line-up. Although most of us insist on beer at a tailgate, rather that is the norm, it has been a mission to unite wine and football. The trend is catching on and here are some ways that you can join in on the wine and tailgating combination!

Whether it is full-bodied or light, the wine should be well concentrated. A flavorful wine will unite the strong-flavored and even smoky dishes. Wonderfully tasting grilled foods allow complex wines to shine, but can easily overshadow a less powerful one. Definitely go for the rich and complex, with a long finish, to go with a powerful BBQ ribs dish.

Fruity and even off-dry wines can taste very dry and succulent when paired with savory smoky dishes like grilled meats and hotdogs. Just be sure that the wine you are serving is sweeter than the entree, condiments, or any added flavoring. Sweet food will make a dry wine taste sour and unappealing.

White wines are great with many grilled foods, but when in doubt, always reach for red. A good rule of thumb is the darker the food then the darker the wine, the richer the food then the richer the wine. Chances are the red or black fruit character of these wines will give some punch to a smoky dish, and even the modest tannins of a red, such as a Cabernet, can work wonderfully in counteracting the mild bitterness that comes from charring food on the grill.

Sure, some of your buddies will look at you funny at first, wondering why you’re holding a stemmed glass (we have stemless glasses too) in the middle of a parking lot. But this is where you become an ambassador for taste. Wine and football are meant to be!

*Also great for tailgating, try our Roasted Garlic Cabernet BBQ Sauce! Give your grilling a bit of sweetness and sophistication!