Wine Collection & Storage


The idea of storing wine may be a familiar habit to some and a new concept for others. In general, wine storage can be a manageable process for those willing to consider long-term or interim wine planning. Proper wine storage can offer many benefits in terms of building a private or corporate collection. Various factors account for the overall process of storing and tempering a suitable environment for different varietals of wine. The task of collecting and preserving wine does not have to be overly complicated. HereWine Storageare a few ways to get started or methods to build upon a current setup.

Some may believe that a large underground cellar is required in order to partake in wine collection; however, a simple closet or cabinet even can become a suitable location to age and store your wine.

Here are a few more basic wine rules:

  1. Store wines in a dark room to avoid becoming “light struck” which causes an unpleasant aroma.
  2. Bottles with cork enclosures need to be stored on their sides and kept as still as possible.
  3. The temperature should be kept constant.
  4. Wines should not be stored next to an exterior wall.
  5. Humidity should be kept around 70% to minimize evaporation.
  6. Wine needs to be isolated from other food items while in storage.
  7. Red wines may be stored/aged 2 or more years between 60-65 degree Fahrenheit depending on types, brix level, acid, and tannins.
  8. Most white wines are suitable to drink within 2 to 3 years of aging and should be stored between 55-60 degrees Fahrenheit; however there are some exceptions, such as Chardonnay which can be aged up to 20+ years.

When the stored bottles are finally opened, leftover white wine may be stored in a fridge for up to 3-5 days.  Leftover red wines may be left out at room temperature, in a dark space for 2-4 days. There are numerous products that help preserve your leftover wines so you can get the best out of each bottle. Messina Hof offers various products including the Swissmar Wine Saver Set which is available in the Messina Hof Retail shop and in our online store.

Regardless of whether one has a cellar or other container for storage, collecting wine can become an enriching hobby and a great conversation starter.  If one does not have the space or would like someone else to take care of their wine storage needs, Messina Hof offers a wine storage service in the “Wine Cave” to any VIP member!

For more information on the VIP program call 1-800-736-WINE ext 229.