Wine Not Celebrate Mardi Gras?


It is that time of year to indulge in buttery Cajun cuisine, sweet pastries and your favorite wines because Mardi Gras is almost here!  While New Orleans is best known for its grand Mardi Gras parade, you can bring the party to your house with purple, green and gold beads, a little bit of jazz and some delicious food and wine.
Cajun cuisine possesses a variety of rich, spicy characteristics which require lighter wines to complement but not overpower these flavors. To capture the essence of Louisiana and please red wine drinkers, serve a spicy, hearty gumbo with the Private Reserve Pinot Noir. Flavorful cajun rice dishes such as red beans and rice, and jambalaya would pair best with a off-dry white wine, such as the Lepard Chenin Blanc. Finally, your Mardi Gras celebration would be incomplete without a large King Cake and a bottle of Texas Rose Sparkling Wine, creating a deliciously sweet combination. Remember, whoever receives the piece of the cake with the baby will receive the honor of throwing next year’s Mardi Gras celebration. 
Cheers to Mardis Gras and wine! Let the good times roll!