Wine on Tap: Fill, Pour, Repeat


Did you know there is a different way to enjoy your favorite wine? In this modern age, we have solved the problem of wine losing its original flavor profile once the bottle has been opened. At Messina Hof, we pride ourselves on consistency and our wine on tap system makes every glass taste just as good as the first. Infused with nitrogen, tapped wine helps release more aromas and highlights the tasting notes for a more enjoyable wine tasting experience.

Messina Hof Harvest Green wine on tap system. 

The longer a wine bottle is open and moving past its consumption timeframe, the tasting notes begin to take on flat and acetic characteristics. Each pour from a wine bottle introduces oxygen to the wine, changing the flavor and reducing freshness. The overall experience of tasting the wine can change as sparkling wines would become flat, rosé and white wines begin to lose character, and red wines start to turn sour. This can lead to an unsatisfying wine tasting experience. With wine on tap, the flavor maintains taste and consistency for a much longer period of time.

Messina Hof’s growler program allows you to enjoy wine on tap more often and for a less expensive cost to you. Our growlers hold 250mL more than the typical wine bottle so when you purchase a growler, you are purchasing the opportunity to have more wine, for a lower cost, every time. To take advantage of our win on tap system, you make a one-time purchase of a growler and fill it with the wine of your choosing. Take your wine home, enjoy responsibly, bring it back to refill just for the price of the wine! Our wine on tap is less expensive than a normal bottle, and the selections are constantly changing, so you get to try new wines at a higher volume for a lower cost.

After the initial purchase, you will continue to get more wine for your value when using this service.

Go green and save money with a growler that will let you enjoy the freshest wine we offer. It’s only three steps after you purchase a growler.

1. Fill your growler
2. Drink the wine
3. Refill and repeat


Not only does tapped wine save you money in the long run, but it also promotes sustainability. By using a refillable growler, you don’t discard empty bottles once finished. This minimizes the intake of glass products and is more effective than recycling. To be even more environmentally friendly, kegs are infinitely reusable as long as you take care of them.

We’re bringing back Tap Tuesdays! $5 glasses of wine on tap all day. 10% discount on growler fills. Take advantage of Tap Tuesdays and stock up on wine for the week ahead!

Wine on tap is our new favorite way to serve you. It’s a good deal for you, better for the planet, and has great flavor quality!

The best part? If you are a Messina Hof VIP member, you still get to use your discount, which makes it that much more cost-efficient. Higher quality wines, lower overall costs, and transferable between Messina Hof locations. Wine on tap is the new way to drink wine, where the last glass poured is as fresh as the first.

You are one growler purchase away from enjoying the freshest wine. Get your growler today!