Wine Tip: Serving Temperatures


Did you know the temperature of your wine affects the way a wine smells and tastes? That’s right! For the best wine drinking experience, use these basic guidelines…

When it comes to red wine, serve at room temperature between 59-64°F.
Examples: Paulo Sagrantino, Private Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

Medium to full-bodied oaked white wine should be served lightly chilled between -55°F.
Examples: Private Reserve Chardonnay and Private Reserve Viogner

For light to medium-bodied white wines and rosés, serve chilled between 45-55°F.
Examples: Private Reserve Blanc du Bois and Sophia Marie Rosé

Sweet white wines should be well chilled between 43-45°F.
Examples: Angel Late Harvest Riesling and Aggie Network Muscat Canelli

Sparkling wines should also be well chilled between 43-50°F.
Examples: Texas Sparkling Moscato (Spumante) and Texas Sparkling Rosé