Wine Tips for a Spectacular Summer


School’s out, the Texas sun is growing hotter and hotter, and if you listen closely, you can hear the soft whisper of “R&R” blowing in the breeze. You know what that means, SUMMER IS HERE! At Messina Hof, we know a thing or two about pairing wine with summertime. Check out these tips on how to combine a hot sun, fun, and some wine (or a ton).

We all love a glass of warm, mulled wine, but Winter has long gone. Keeping your bottle of wine chilled is a necessity! Grab a bucket, a hollow watermelon, a pineapple, or anything cute and bucket-shaped, and fill that bad boy up with ice. Voila! You now have a wine cooler. Just want to keep a glass cold? Try freezing grapes! Grapes don’t water down wine like an ice cube would and when you’re finished, you have a delicious, wine-infused treat left at the bottom of your glass!

Repeat after us: Whites and rosés are good for hot days. (It rhymes, so maybe it will stick with you!) There is something so refreshing and invigorating about the fruity and floral flavors of white and rosé wines. We’re not saying they’re the secret to staying sane in a Texas heat wave… but we’re not not saying that. However, please remember to stay hydrated! A great habit is to have a glass of water with every glass of wine.

It’s easy to fall into the monotony of a summer routine, but why not mix it up? Wine cocktails are a great way to enjoy the delicious fruits that summer has to offer. Mimosas are great for brunch, and big batches of sangria can liven any social event (or solo party).

Check the rules before you go. As broken glass can be dangerous, many summer hotspots like pools or beaches do not allow glass bottles. A great alternative is canned wine. At Messina Hof locations, online, or at select grocery stores you can find our canned wines! Just don’t forget the koozies!

Relax and enjoy wine. Summer is all about winding down and appreciating life around you. Whether you’re traveling or having a staycation, our best tip is not to overthink anything. Simply adding a bottle of wine and a great friend to your evening can make your night unforgettable.