Yellow Rose Ball at Messina Hof Winery and Resort


Hail  to Texas!  Let’s Celebrate!

Arriving in a ruffled shirt, scarlet vest, gold trimmed black velvet suit and red topped boots, the host of this extravagant party captured all attention.  Some called the fashion gaudy but most applauded his sense of style and how special he made the evening.  Of whom do we speak?  You may have guessed Paul V Bonarrigo but instead it is the description of Sam Houston, according to James Haley’s recount of the 1837 San Jacinto Ball.

The ball marked the celebration of The Battle of San Jacinto victory.  In honor of that victory, Sam HoustonYellow Rosehosted a grand ball that was described as the “most glittering affair ever staged in Texas”.  Ladies wore satin and lace; couples danced until midnight and then dined on venison, poultry, wine and coffee cakes.  Thanks to the Sons of the Republic of Texas for assisting with the history and details.

On April 19, 2013, Messina Hof is pleased to bring back to life that memorable ball with our own Yellow Rose Ball.  Hosting our celebration will be Sam Houston himself.  He, too, was a winemaker and he joins Paul V Bonarrigo and Paul M Bonarrigo in the Spring Release of new Messina Hof wines at the Yellow Rose Ball.  Vintage House Chef Chris has created a special period menu designed to complement the new wines.

Come dressed in period costume or evening cocktail attire and bring your dancing slippers!  Are you excited? I am! We hope to see you there.