Introducing Bonarrigo Family Wines

Our Bonarrigo Family Wines are prestigious Old-World style wines crafted from exclusively Italian grape varietals. Grown in Texas by experienced winemakers, each offering will take you by the hand and welcome you to our table.

Honoring the Family

The Bonarrigo Family Wine collection honors the importance of the family dynamic. They invite you to take part in honoring the long-standing Italian heritage and family traditions that make Messina Hof the “First Family of Texas Wine.” We want you to experience the depth of our family’s labor of love, winemaking lineage, and steadfast dedication, from the matriarchs, winemaking history, and generational journeys to food, wine, and fellowship.

Seven Generations of Winemaking

The Bonarrigo Family began making wine in Messina, Sicily over 200 years ago. For seven generations, the Bonarrigos have produced wines full of passion and heart. With a tradition that started in Italy and took root in America, the family now crafts soulful wines in Texas honoring its Italian lineage.

The Heritage Series as a whole features wines that celebrate everything one would see in an Italian household: deep relationships built on love, dedication, hard work, and inspiration. They are intentionally crafted to be enjoyed around the table with friends and family. We encourage you to explore all the ways you can sip our wines with your favorite foods at our Pairings page.

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