The Vintage House Restaurant

Located on the Messina Hof Estate, the Vintage House Restaurant combines farm-fresh produce and Messina Hof wines to create the ultimate dining sensation.

Experience the Flavors and Hospitality of Our Vineyard Cuisine™

A recipient of the Sante Award and first to be named as an elite Chaine des Rotisseurs Restaurant, The Vintage House offers a fine dining experience unparalleled among Texas wineries. Using our trademarked Vineyard Cuisine™, our chefs fuse Messina Hof wine with fresh herbs and vegetables harvested from the estate garden and blend those flavors into every one of our dishes. 

Each course has been expertly paired to create the perfect wine and food experience for you and your dining companions. The Vintage House Restaurant also features tableside flambes and Messina Hof’s signature Port Fudge Sundae.

Hours & Information

Thursday – Friday
4:00 PM – 9:00 PM

11:00 AM – 9:00 PM

11:00 AM – 3:00 PM

The dress code is sophisticated casual.

Call (979) 599-7339 to make your reservation today.

Dining Menus

We are excited to share the tastes and hospitality of Vineyard Cuisine with you. Our menus are available to download as a pdf.

Wine & Beverage Menu

Dry White Wines

Viognier, Private Reserve

Showcasing lush, ripe fruit flavors of peach, apple, and apricot, this wine achieves a graceful balance with notes of honey and spice.

Glass 7 | Bottle 19

Heritage Select, Bonarrigo Family Wines

Delicate aromas of honeysuckle and white flowers. Crisp citrus and bright acidity are complemented by smooth tropical flavors.

Glass 9 | Bottle 25

Chardonnay, Private Reserve

A full-bodied Chardonnay with buttery aromas complemented with flavors of melon and apricot.

Glass 9 | Bottle 25

Sémillon, Private Reserve

Fresh aromas of chamomile and melon dance with ripe flavors of pineapple and green fruits, striking the taste buds with a short to medium finish.

Glass 7 | Bottle 19

Chenin Blanc, Lepard Vineyard

A bright and airy white wine with bold notes of lemongrass, pear, and honeysuckle.

Glass 7 | Bottle 19

Vitality, Vineyard Cuisine Exclusive

Light and refreshing with aromatic ripples of honeysuckle and limestone. Notes of white flower and lemon zest overflow the nose.

Glass 9 | Bottle 25

Operation Iceberg, Museum Collection

Enticing bursts of grapefruit and pineapple balanced with wisps of lemongrass on the nose.

Glass 9 | Bottle 25

Chardonnay, Aggie Network

Wonderful aromas of pie crust and crème brûlée. Served slightly chilled to release flavors of honeydew melon and starfruit.

Glass 9 | Bottle 25

Dry Riesling

Refreshingly crisp and vibrant with aromas of citrus blossom. Flavors of peach and lime are balanced with subtle tones of apricot.

Glass 7 | Bottle 19

Semi-Dry White Wines

Gewürztraminer, Artist Series

Spicy with tantalizing ginger overtones. This wine has bold fruit and white floral characters with notes of lychee and ripe fruits.

Glass 7 | Bottle 19

Sophia Marie Rosé

A dry rosé with bright acidity and notes of cranberry and ripe raspberry with beautiful hints of rose petals.

Glass 7 | Bottle 19

Mama Rosa Rosé, Tribute to Motherhood

Named after Paul V. Bonarrigo’s mother, this rosé is slightly sweet, soft, and very versatile with hints of strawberry and raspberry.

Glass 6 | Bottle 15

Dry Grenache Rosé, Artist Series

This dry rosé is light-bodied with aromas of fresh roses and hibiscus with nuances of white strawberry and tangerine on the palate.

Glass 7 | Bottle 19

Sweet Red Wines

Emblaze, Vineyard Cuisine Exclusive

On the nose are floral notes of magnolias and rose petals. Ripe plum
flavors perfectly coat the mouth with notes of wildberry and vanilla.

Glass 9 | Bottle 25

Dry Red Wines

Pinot Noir, Private Reserve

Oak aging gives this wine exquisite soft leather tannins and vanilla notes that mingle with juicy cherry and strawberry fruit essences.

Glass 9 | Bottle 28

Sangiovese, Artist Series

Flavors of rustic earthiness and tart cherries with strong tannins and acidity are counterbalanced with light oak aging to provide roundness.

Glass 9 | Bottle 28

Tempranillo, Private Reserve

A medium-bodied wine with soft aromas of vanilla and dried leaves, the bold dark cherry flavors provide a fleshy mouthfeel.

Glass 9 | Bottle 28


This blend of Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvèdre features a synergy of dark fruit flavors like blackberry, dark cherry, and plum.

Glass 9 | Bottle 28

Merlot, Private Reserve

Spectacular cherry, blackberry, and cassis flavors are intricately laced throughout this wine with hints of vanilla, violets, and spice.

Glass 9 | Bottle 28

Cabernet Sauvignon, Private Reserve

This beautiful and complex wine embodies bold notes of vanilla and pepper. Extended oak aging adds additional depth and refinement.

Glass 9 | Bottle 28

Cabernet Franc, Private Reserve

A medium to full-bodied wine, the bold aromas of leather and dried herbs are complemented by dark black fruit flavors.

Glass 9 | Bottle 28

Sagrantino Reserva

A dark red wine with intense tannins and rich fruit flavors, the oak aging adds hints of cinnamon with earthy undertones.

Glass 10 | Bottle 35

Petite Sirah, Private Reserve

The strikingly deep violet hues evince aromas of dark tea leaves and smoke complemented with hints of black cherry and baking spices.

Glass 9 | Bottle 28

Malbec, Private Reserve

Soft, hearty, and full of flavor, this beautiful wine has robust tannins and contains hints of black plum, currant, and spice.

Glass 9 | Bottle 28

Petit Verdot, Private Reserve

This wine has heavy tannins with aromas of toasted vanilla with strong flavors of molasses, blackberries, and dark cherries.

Glass 9 | Bottle 28

Primitivo, Artist Series

A full-bodied red wine with jammy fruit flavors on the palate. Barrel aging in oak bring out rustic cedar aromas with hints of espresso.

Glass 9 | Bottle 28

Heritage Reserve, Bonarrigo Family Wines

Savory nuances of herbs and spice. Beautiful dark fruit flavors and tannins coat the palate with elegant complexity.

Glass 12 | Bottle 40

Abounding, Vineyard Cuisine Exclusive

Earthy aromas of rich Texas terroir and flavors of blackberry. Oak aging adds balanced layers of black tea and leather.

Glass 9 | Bottle 28

Gig Em Red, Aggie Network

This full-bodied blend is aged in French and American Oak which adds hints of baking spices.

Glass 9 | Bottle 28

Cabernet Sauvignon, Aggie Network

Expect lush dark fruit on the palate with small hints of dried herbs on the nose. Double barrel aging gives off aromas of cedar or leather.

Glass 9 | Bottle 28

Old Texas Roundup, Museum Collection

Aromas of rich Texas terroir and flavors of blackberry. Oak aging adds balanced layers of black tea and leather.

Glass 9 | Bottle 28

Command Post, Museum Collection

This wine showcases suede tannins with a strong body as currants, plum, and cocoa powder march across your taste buds.

Glass 9 | Bottle 28

Estate Sagrantino

Light aromas of bell peppers are complemented with jammy red fruit flavors. Extensive oak aging adds complexity and soft leather notes.

Glass 16 | Bottle 65

Mourvèdre, Artist Series

A bold wine with rustic elegance and black fruit flavors alongside hints of olive providing a natural roundness.

Glass 9 | Bottle 28

Paulo Premium Wines

Paulo Sagrantino | 60

An exquisite bold wine with flavors of black plum and dark, jammy fruits, hints of spice and earth come through from oak aging.

Paulo Blend | 60

This classic full-bodied blend has nostalgic aromas of dried roses and cedar followed by flavors of sugar plum and black cherry.

Paulo Tempranillo | 60

This wine has nuances of dark cherry, vanilla, and dried cloves. It is masterfully oak-aged, giving it structure and a long, refined finish.

Paulo Merlot | 60

Hybrid oak aging adds aromas of spiced mocha and anise. Red fruit flavors of cherry and raspberry add an elegant roundness.

Paulo Cabernet Sauvignon | 60

A full-bodied wine with hints of cranberry and hints of dried fig, oak aging adds ripe tannins and layers of baking spices, cedar, and violet.

Paulo Primitivo | 60

This wine thrives under the Texas sun giving it beautiful, rich pigments and dark jam flavor with a thin layer of white pepper.

Paulo Cabernet Franc | 60

A full-bodied wine with flavors of black plums, cranberry, and hints of dried fig. Oak aging adds ripe tannins and layers of baking spice.

Dessert Wines

Port wines are 3oz pours.

Angel, Late Harvest Riesling

The grapes in this wine are left on the vine until the very end of harvest in order to capture flavors of apple, pear, and honey.

Glass 7 | Bottle 19

Blushing Angel

This rosé is not shy when it comes to its vibrant rosy complexion and bursts of fresh strawberry flavors.

Glass 7 | Bottle 19

Orange Muscat Mistella

The honeyed mouth-feel is enhanced by a twist of bright orange zest and fragrant aromatics of lemon peel.

Glass 7 | Bottle 19

Muscat Canelli, Aggie Network

Fragrant aromas of orange peel and flavors of stone fruits like peach and nectarine come to life on the palate.

Glass 9 | Bottle 25

Papa Paulo Port, Private Reserve

Delivering a complex richness with strong black cherry and dark chocolate characteristics, our oak aging adds undertones of nutmeg and vanilla.

Glass 8 | Bottle 50

Solera Sherry

Nectarous flavors of vanilla and dried fig about, while the truffle-like sweetness is balanced with tertiary notes of lightly salted almond.

Bottle 100

Paulo Port

The sweet and decadent notes of milk chocolate and caramel are rounded out with a dash of incense and espresso from oak aging.

Glass 12 | Bottle 75

Coffee, Tea, & More

Coffee | 3

Regular and Decaf.

Espresso Single | 3 · Double | 5

A traditional shot of espresso garnished with a lemon twist and three coffee beans.

Iced Tea | 3

Sweetened or unsweetened.

Hot Tea | 3

Ask your server for available selections.

Cold Sodas | 3

Choose between Coke, Diet Coke, Dr. Pepper, or Sprite.

Messina Hof Mimosa Glass| 10 · Carafe| 30

Orange juice paired with our Messina Hof Sparkling Brut.

Sparkling Water | 4

Bottled S.Pellegrino sparkling mineral water.

Spring Water | 4

Bottled Acqua Panna natural spring water.

Cooking Classes

Every month, our chef and culinary team host a demonstration focusing on a specific cuisine or technique. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned chef, you’ll appreciate the vast information on spices, cuts of meat, tools, and more.

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