Cooking Party with Chef: Brazilian BBQ


Date(s) - 07.21.24

12:30 pm - 3:00 pm

Every month the Messina Hof Estate in Bryan hosts a Cooking Party (a special demonstration focusing on a specific cuisine or technique) featuring our Vineyard Cuisine. If you’re a beginner, we’ve got you covered with beginner information, and if you’re already quite the chef, you’ll appreciate the huge selection of information on spices, cuts of meat, kitchen tools, and more. Each guest will receive a cookbook with the recipes from the meal to take home and you have a chance to win an awesome door prize!

Theme: Brazilian BBQ
Brazilian barbecue, or churrasco, isn’t just a style of eating — it’s a way of life. It originated in southern Brazil in the late 1800s, when gauchos, or Brazilian cowboys, would herd their cattle throughout Rio Grande do Sul. These gauchos would periodically pause to create feasts of various cuts of meat, which were skewered and then slow-roasted over blazing embers from a fire pit they dug. This tradition has morphed into what is known as a “Rodizio-style” restaurant. Rodizio translates to “rotation” in Portuguese.

Guests will receive a cookbook, a three-course meal, and wines expertly paired with meal items.



Brazilian Lemonade with Off Dry Riesling 

Queijo de Coalho with Gewürztraminer chimichurri and Pao de Queijo: marinated grilling cheese served with parmesan bread and gewurztraminer chimichurri for dipping

Grilled Picanha steak with Off-Dry Riesling tomato salsa, black beans, and rice

Strawberry Brigadieros with Blushing Angel: strawberry and condensed milk truffles made with our Blushing Angel dessert wine


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