Chocolate and Wine Pairings Menu

Combine your love of chocolate and Messina Hof wine courtesy of this gourmet pairing menu. With these pairings, we invite you to indulge in rich flavor combinations that elevate your culinary experience while hitting your sweet tooth. It’s the perfect everyday luxury or featured pairing to wow for your guests at your next big event.

Dry White or Rosé

Semi-Sweet/Semi-Dry Wine

Dry Red

Dessert Wine

White Chocolate

  • Sparkling Moscato

  • Glory, Late Harvest Moscato Mistella

  • Ebony Ports of Call

Milk Chocolate

  • Sparkling Rosé

  • Chenin Blanc

  • Moscato

Dark Chocolate

  • Sagrantino

  • Petit Verdot

  • Port

Chocolate with Dried Fruits

  • Sophia Marie Rosé

  • Orange Muscat

  • Sangiovese

Chocolate with Nuts & Caramel

  • Sparkling Almond

  • Solera Sherry

  • Tawny Port

Chocolate with Spice

  • Beau

  • Gewürztraminer

  • Tempranillo

Chocolate with Coconut

  • Pinot Grigio

  • Sparkling Moscato

  • Sweet Sangria

Chocolate with Herbs

  • Blanc du Bois

  • Pinot Blanc

  • Primitivo