A Quick Look at Messina Hof Winery’s Vineyard Cuisine


If you’ve visited Messina Hof Estate in Bryan, Texas you might have enjoyed Vineyard Cuisine™ at The Vintage House Restaurant. But do you know what Vineyard Cuisine™ is or how it came to be?

In the beginning of Messina Hof’s story, founders Paul Vincent and Merrill Bonarrigo began pairing their wines with their personal kitchen recipes. As time went on, their desire to share a Texas wine and food pairing experience grew, inspiring the two to establish Vineyard Cuisine™.

“Paul and I felt honored and blessed to be stewards of a vineyard at this time in Texas wine history, during the late 1980s. Messina Hof was a sculptor in that defining process. We were learning our terroir, experimenting with the grapes and wine styles in multiple regions, and creating food and wine pairings that showcased Texas wine and Texas food – what we coined Texas Vineyard Cuisine.” – Merrill Bonarrigo

Vineyard Cuisine™ is an expression of wine’s fusion with fresh herbs and vegetables harvested daily from the vineyard estate with Messina Hof wines being used in every recipe. Each dish is created to expertly complement a style of wine providing a harmonious food and wine experience.

Learn more about Vineyard Cuisine™ by experiencing it for yourself! Click here to make a reservation for the Vintage House Restaurant! Can’t make it to the winery anytime soon? Click here to check out tips for perfect pairings!