Can You Believe That April is Here Already?


When I look out the window and see the growth on the vines or hear the latest high temperature, I think it must be May or June. Everything is so early this year. The shoots of the vines are already 1-2 feet long. There are baby clusters growing quickly, and thank goodness we have had so much rain. May the Lord bless uswith more. Please pray for no freezes or frosts. If the weather stays good, this year will be the most bountiful year we have ever experienced in Texas.

Paul V and I finished planting Mission and Kadota figs and annual color around the winery this week. I propagated from walkway trimmings ivy that can be used to replace what we lost in the drought last year. Ivy is so easy to do.  Just cut a sprig, put in water to keep moist, and then stick in some moist potting soil in a shady place. Ivy loves moisture and shade. The greenhouse tomatoes are ripening, swiss chard is perfectly tender, and peppers continue to produce.

Paul M, Karen, and Sophia Marie returned refreshed from vacation with many great new ideas. Stay tuned. Sophia Marie colored Easter eggs today. Now we are trying to get the dye off our hands. Next we add decals and stickers. What fun! We hope to see you at the Vintage House for Easter brunch.

May you and your family be blessed this Easter. It is such a wonderful reminder that though our bodies are mortal, our spirits are immortal. We give thanks for the hope that is Jesus Christ and His resurrection.