Preparing for Harvest


Right now, Messina Hof’s grapes are in their veraison stage. Veraison is the technical term for the onset of ripening of the grapes where berries change color and become softer. The berries will increase in volume, weight, as well as in sugar content.  During this stage, the fruit changes from acidic to sweet with fruity aromas.

Depending on the varietal, the grapes will take on various color characteristics throughout this stage. White wine grapes turn lighter to a more golden yellow while the red wine grapes turn a purple color. The veraison period varies from year to year depending on the weather but can last anywhere from two to six weeks. Another factor is location, which will determine when this process will take place- for Messina Hof it is normally the end of June.

At Messina Hof, our focus is on growing the best grapes to produce award-winning wines. The best crops will be those with the most consistency from bunch to bunch.

Messina Hof is overjoyed that this stage is going smoothly and that Harvest will be here before we know it. We can’t wait for you to join us in our Harvest festivities since this year will be “the crop of the century!”