Spring Activity at Messina Hof


Spring has sprung at Messina Hof. The Bald Cypress are budding out, grass in the vineyard row is green, and the Bradford pears are almost in full bloom. The weather has been clear skies and fabulous picnic temperatures this week. It is fun to see our guests coming out to enjoy time around the lake and strolling through the vineyard.
As the vineyard is popping with spring activity, so are things at the winery. Paul M is very busy installing our new Point of Sale program which will give us more powerful tools to serve you and will also track automatically our loyalty rewards points. Lenore Day celebrates her 11th year anniversary with us as our Controller. Happy Anniversary, Lenore! The new menu at the Vintage House is receiving rave reviews.  Messina Hof Hill Country architectural drawings will be exhibited at the Birthday Bash this Sunday. And, oh yes, Birthday Boys! This year we will celebrate both Pauls’ birthdays with a birthday dinner on Sunday, March 6th. Now, we are off to the Texas Wine and Grape Grower Association conference. Maybe we will see you there.
Come soon. Share Spring fever with us!