Vineyard Update: Winter Pruning


The vines are dormant and the pruning process has begun at Messina Hof Estate in Bryan, Texas.

What does mean? Dormancy is the period during a grapevine’s growing season where there is no photosynthetic and very little metabolic activity. Basically, the vines are taking a winter nap. Pruning is the trimming or alteration of the vine during the dormant period for the upcoming growing season.

Why is pruning important? Pruning is important because it maintains the shape and size of the vine, which is essential to the overall health of the vineyard. A healthy vineyard will then produce quality fruit. 

What’s next? At Messina Hof we will continue pruning until early February. The next stage major milestone of the vineyard will be bud break in mid to late March.

Want to learn more? Sign up for one of our Pruning Workshops on Saturday, January 14 or Sunday, January 15.

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