Tuscan & Umbrian Countryside Tour


Date(s) - 10.15.24

All Day

Paul and Merrill Bonarrigo are your hosts for this 11-day trip through the Italian countryside.

Travel off the beaten path and discover the Orcia Valley, home to the quintessential rolling hills of Tuscany. Visit the Italy of your dreams as you wind your way through vineyards, farmlands, and endless green landscapes. Cypress trees dot the skyline, sprinkled between rows of vines and flowers. This UNESCO World Heritage Site’s landscape has been sought after since the time of the Renaissance, passing down through generations of farmers. One of its most beloved towns – Pienza – was the former home of Pope Pius II. Today, find flowerbeds and potted plants adorning the cobblestone streets, integrating the area’s natural beauty into everyday life. Another one of the region’s main towns is Bagno Vignoni, whose unique central piazza is filled with thermal water due to a nearby extinct volcano.

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