Have you tried the Macque-Choux?


It’s an exciting time here at the Vintage House, one month into Chef Dwight’s new menu! From Messina Hof regulars like the McCarleys and Stillers, who are patiently sampling every item on the new menu (as soon as we can get Chef Dwight to stop making such fabulous daily features to distract them!), to the new guests we’ve met throughout the Valentine’s Day holiday season, this new menu is creating quite a stir! Some crowd favorites include Chef’s spectacular Grilled Fish of the Day, a seasonal fish of the day served over a lyonnaise potato and asparagus relish and topped with one of Chef Dwight’s freshest sauces, and the Pan-Seared Beef Bavarian Rouladen, a tribute to Merrill’s German family heritage.

Chef Dwight has also lent his Cajun flair to the new menu, giving us such delectable treats as the Pan-Seared Crawfish Cake, topped with a Chardonnay crawfish sauce, and Chef Dwight’s signature dish: the Cornmeal Crusted Texas Redfish, served on a pool of roasted corn and smoked andouille Riesling macque-choux.

We look forward to seeing you at the Vintage House!